Zimbras Open-Source Collaboration Suite Boosts Security, Tools

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5 offers an improved AJAX interface, full scripting tools and support for multiple e-mail user identities, the company says.

Zimbra, a maker of open-source collaboration and messaging software, Jan. 29 announced the launch of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5.

"We are excited to see broad interest in Zimbra from small businesses, universities, enterprises, business hosting providers and ISPs," Satish Dharmaraj, CEO of Zimbra, said in a statement. "The 4.5 release is dedicated to providing more innovation and better security and controls to the administrators."

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ZCS 4.5 features an improved AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Administrative Interface as well as full scripting tools and support for standards-based APIs (IMAP/POP (Post Office Protocol)/iCal) that enable seamless compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and Apple products.

Zimbra 4.5 also expands the support of Zimbra Mobile for push mobile without the need for third-party software or additional servers for most devices, the company said. As part of 4.5, Zimbra will provide support for the growing Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux distributions.

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Some of the key features of ZCS 4.5 include support for POP account aggregation and multiple user identities, native support for pushing e-mail to mobile devices, and support for Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux distributions. ZCS 4.5 also offers enhanced security for service providers and large deployments, and advanced monitoring of spam and viruses.

The 4.5 edition also features a new HTML client for older PCs. The new identities feature allows users to access all their mailboxes—from business e-mails to Web-based accounts such as Gmail—through the Zimbra mail client.

"Its basically consolidation of different avatars of mail," Dharmaraj said in an interview with eWEEK Friday. ZCS 4.5, he said, is the "only credible alternative" to the Microsoft product line.

"Zimbras consistent focus on providing a rich mix of innovative technology and customer-focused design gives us great tools to help us deliver exceptional products that fire the imagination and give tremendous value," Michael Fergusson, chief products and innovation officer for Uniserve Communications, said in a statement. "I believe with ZCS 4.5, Zimbra has established a winning combination of administrative features and end-user functionality."

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