10 Microsoft Windows 7 Features to Anticipate - Page 2

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6. User Account Controls

With Windows Vista, a number of users reported growing frustrated with the operating system's constant prompts (which Microsoft attempted to alleviate at one point with a patch in SP1). With Windows 7, the User Account Control Settings can be adjusted, with users able to choose "Never Notify," "Always Notify" and two options in between whenever a program attempts to make a change to their computer.

7. Start Menu

The Start Menu is now more customizable, with users able to adjust how links, icons and menus are displayed and behave.

8. AppLocker

Certain editions of Windows 7 (the Enterprise and Ultimate) include AppLocker, which can be used to lock down certain applications on an administrator level. This granular access control to applications can potentially make lives easier for IT administrators.

9. Chance to Get Rid of Vista and XP

Vista never made much of a positive impression on users, and XP, while a sturdy warhorse, is nearly 8 years old. It will be a welcome chance for many PC users to finally upgrade their desktop or laptop to a more efficient, 21st century operating system.

10. The Trippy Backgrounds

The new wallpapers being offered with Windows 7 are colorful, to say the least. In addition to a number of standard-issue nature and geometric-architecture shots, there are also a few trippy images that look as if they were produced by Japanese anime artists after a week in a shed with a bottle of absinthe.