15 Google Chrome Extensions You Might Enjoy

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15 Google Chrome Extensions You Might Enjoy

15 Google Chrome Extensions You Might EnjoyBy Clint Boulton

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Google Translate

From the Google Translate team, this extension translates whole Web pages into any of 51 languages of your choice. This extension adds a button to your browser tool bar. Click the translate icon whenever you want to translate a Web page.

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Google Wave Notifier

Of course you'd have to expect Google to create a Wave extension for Chrome. This simple one lets users know how many unread waves they have. You can also access a specific wave directly from the popup of the extension and choose icons you want to see from different sets of icons.

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Zoho Companion for Google Chrome

This extension displays a small Z icon that will be added to the tool bar to view documents online and display the number of unread e-mails.

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If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you use Bit.ly or some other URL shortener. Bit.ly for Chrome lets users trigger the Bit.ly Sidebar and preview the long URLs beneath short URLs before you click them.

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Google Mail Checker

Used by more than 100,000 people, this extension displays the number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

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News ReaderThis adds a button to your Chrome tool bar that you can click to view the five most recent Top Stories on Google News (only in the United States).

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This blocks annoying ads on Websites. Enough said.

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Cooliris lets users search Google Images, YouTube, Flickr and other picture sites on a 3D wall.

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IE Tab

This lets Chrome users see Web pages in a tab using IE. It is seriously useful because some sites will only render in IE.

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Chromed Bird

This is a Twitter extension that allows you to access your Twitter account and follow your timelines.

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RSS Subscription Extension

This extension auto-detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading. When it finds one, it displays an RSS icon in the Omnibox, allowing users to click on it to preview the feed content and subscribe.

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Xmarks for Chrome

This bookmarking add-on lets users back up and synchronize their bookmarks.

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Google Reader Notifier

This displays the number of unread items in your Google Reader account.

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Facebook for Google Chrome

This lets users read their Facebook news feeds and walls and post status updates.

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Are you tired of those annoying Flash multimedia popups? FlashBlock blocks all Flash content from loading and leaves placeholders on the Web page that allow you to download and view the Flash content when you're ready for it.

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