Acronis Launches New Disk Management Tool for Windows PCs

Product suite helps users organize PC hard drives for high performance, and also protects and secures data via multiple volumes on a single drive.


Data storage and protection provider Acronis on May 27 released a new version of its disk management and data manipulation product for Windows PCs.

Acronis Disk Director 12 provides a list of features that help users organize their PC hard drives for high performance. It also protects and secures data via multiple volumes on a single drive.

The new product's core library support was developed by Acronis Labs, the company's $10 million research and development center launched by Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov in 2013 and dedicated to producing new-generation data protection.

Disk Director 12 is a sophisticated set of tools to manage information with the ability to partition, format, manipulate, clone, install, share, convert, boot, span, merge, split, resize, copy and move data or disk partitions without losing anything. This enables users to securely divide their hard disk drive into multiple partitions to maximize device usage efficiency.

Key features of Acronis Disk Director 12 include:

--Partition management: To maximize disk use, users can merge, split, resize, copy and move partitions without losing data. Users also can reorganize a hard drive's structure.

--Extended Windows support: Support for the latest versions of Windows (8 and 8.1), as well as earlier versions, including XP. Customers can also download and use the latest versions of Microsoft tools through the support of Windows Preinstallation Environment 5.0, and can access the latest Microsoft tools, like Windows Assessment or Deployment kits for Windows 8 or 8.1.

--Across-the-board PC support: Support for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface- (UEFI-) based computers, extending support beyond BIOS-based PCs, and ensuring full functionality regardless of PC type, which enables all Windows users to access Acronis Disk Director 12. Users can create Acronis bootable media (Linux-based or Windows PE-based) and boot into a recovery environment on a UEFI-based machine.

--Improved recovery capabilities with Acronis Recovery Expert tool included: In the event of a hardware or software failure, users can recover from a partition on the hard drive or create a disk that can bring the system back. Acronis Recovery Expert enables users to recover volumes on a basic MBR disk that have been accidentally deleted or damaged.


Acronis Disk Director 12 is currently available at a retail price of $49.99; users with multiple devices can purchase a 3 PC pack (three licenses) for $79.99. For more information, go here.

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