Acronym Jive

Sun's Tim Bray has fun with developer-related acronyms. Sun Microsystems' Tim Bray has a fun little post talking about acronym jive out there in LAMP land and beyond. Bray takes the LAMP acronym and moves from there into a list of other possibilities.

"Let's assume that 'L' always stands for Linux, 'A' for Apache, 'M' for MySQL, and 'P' for PHP (or Perl or Python)," Bray said. He then listed others and invited folks to join in.

Bray's list included:

SAMP Solaris

MARS Rails, Solaris

MAPS Solaris

SPAM Solaris

WIMP Windows, IIS

DAMN DirectX, ActiveX, .NET

WIMN Windows, IIS, .NET (pronounced "women")


Commenters to Bray's post came up with several others, veering off of the LAMP theme. I'll veer even further and offer a few:

JIVE -- Java, Internet, Virtualization, Enterprise HOOD -- HTML, Object-Oriented, Django OBAMA -- Oracle, BEA, Apache, Mylyn, Aspect-oriented MOOLA -- Microsoft Opens Office to Linux and Apache SLAP -- Spring, Linux, Apache, PHP MESH -- Microsoft Enterprise Sync Heaven (as opposed to DLL Hell)

Care to join in?