Adexa, Optiant Combine Supply Chain Planning Software

The two companies combine their core offerings into a single product for sales, inventory and operations planning.

Supply chain software developers Adexa Inc. and Optiant Inc announced a partnership Thursday that combines both companies core offerings into a single product for sales, inventory and operations planning.

Optiants inventory optimization software, PowerChain Inventory, will be incorporated with Adexas Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning, or SOIP, offering to optimize supply chain inventory management.

Adexas SOIP software is part of its Enterprise Global Planning System, a suite of 11 applications for manufacturers that synchronizes strategic supply chain planning and supply chain process.

PowerChain Inventory, on the other hand, is part of Optiants PowerChain suite of software for strategic and tactical planning of complex supply chains. The applications enable manufacturers to design real-world supply chains from procurement to store shelf.

The integrated offering is expected to provide users with a unified collaborative environment for forecasting, planning and better inventory optimization, officials said.

Optiant, of Boston, and Adexa, of Los Angeles, recently partnered on a combined supply chain solution for a heavy equipment manufacturer that allows the company to more effectively manage hundreds of SKUs, as well as complex configurations with dealers.

That solution is the basis for the two companies announcement Thursday, though the combined product is geared toward a number of verticals, from automotive and semiconductor manufacturing to aerospace and defense and consumer soft goods companies.

Their newly combined software provides support for collaborative demand and supply planning. Its strategic inventory management capabilities enable users to set inventory levels based on service-level commitments and identify imbalances and capacity bottlenecks.

The combined product is available now.