Alliances Bolster Commerce One Source

Through alliances with Analytics Inc. and Digital Paper Corp., Commerce One plans to announce Tuesday at its eLink2002 Conference in Orlando, Fla., enhancements to its Commerce One Source module.

Commerce One Source is part of Commerce Ones 5.0 collaborative sourcing and procurement platform. Commerce One will introduce spend analysis and post-design document collaboration capabilities.

With the added functionality, customers will have the ability to identify chances to save money and deliver some complex technical content to trading partners along the supply chain, according to Commerce One officials, based in Pleasanton, Calif.

Following its message of enterprise-wide strategic sourcing, Commerce One allied with both Analytics and Digital Paper, of Alexandria, Va., to provide what it considers the key functionalities of spend analysis and document collaboration.

The Commerce One Source module currently provides visibility across the sourcing process, but not a way to analyze specifics such as contract negotiations, according to officials.

Analytics provides a complementary spend analysis service that aggregates spend data from various back-end and enterprise resource planning systems.

Combined with Commerce One 5.0, customers will be able to identify options for saving cash essentially by assessing contract performance.

Pairing Version 5.0 with Digital Papers technology brings post-design document collaboration to Commerce Ones request and negotiation component. Digital Papers technology provides a Web environment where companies can trade complex engineering documents.

Companies are also able to communicate and track changes to documents, as well as synchronize content with supply chain partners.