AMD Moves Up Istanbul Release to June

Responding to competitive pressure from Intel and eager to cash in on a chunk of the $800 billion government stimulus package, AMD races to get its six-core Opteron chip out five months ahead of schedule.

The U.S. government has been very good to AMD in the past, using AMD's 64-bit Opteron chip in many high-performance computing deployments funded from government sources. As legislators begin to spend the nearly $800 billion stimulus money on a variety of projects, vendors and solution providers are gearing up in preparation.

According to industry analysts, government agencies will spend stimulus dollars on new servers, health care technology and supercomputers, great news for solution providers with customers in large enterprises with growing data center needs, health care and high-performance computing. New industry spending will also increase; for example, the government plans to spend $2 billion for lithium-ion manufacturing plants.

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