AOL Tests New Mobile-Friendly Search

The new software package allows users to refine searches and make regular Web sites work on mobile phones.

AOL is looking to take mobile Internet browsing to the next level with the launch of a beta version of its new AOL Mobile Search Services, which will automatically adapt Web services to fit the screen of mobile devices.

"We are committed to providing people with easy access to the full range of information and services available on the Internet wherever they may go," said AOL Mobile Vice President and General Manager Himesh Bhise in a statement. "Thats why we have right-sized the Internet for small mobile screens, giving users the power to search or shop for anything they need."

The new services will also provide more accurate search results and easy access to the AOL Search service, PinPoint Shopping Search and AOL Yellow Pages.

"Were excited because it has significant advantages over what one can do with the current search application desktop," said Ken Thomas, AOL principal product manager. "Maybe youre downtown with a friend and … are desperate for a new battery for your iPod and are wondering where the closest Apple store is—there are lots of real-world things where you need search."

Most experts agree that searching via mobile browser can be a less-than-optimal experience. Search results can yield a million pages that might have something to do with what the users is searching for, and once you find a relevant site, its usually not optimized for a mobile phone.

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