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But where Apple might hold a significant lead is on Snow Leopard's price. When the operating system is made available in September, current Leopard users will be able to upgrade for $29. A family five-pack of licenses will be made available for $49.

Microsoft can't match that pricing. The software giant is planning on releasing a variety of versions of Windows that will undoubtedly be priced higher than Snow Leopard. There's even some speculation that a Windows 7 upgrade license will cost more than that five-pack of Snow Leopard licenses. For the enterprise, that might be an issue. Paying less is always preferred and given Snow Leopard will be so much cheaper, it might be more attractive to the business world than ever before.

It's about the software
But in the end, we can't judge these two operating systems on a couple of features. The enterprise cares most about software. Which operating system will provide the most support for mission-critical applications?

That answer is, unequivocally, Windows 7. Along with the fact that more software is developed to work with Windows, we can't forget that XP Mode will come bundled in the professional editions of Windows 7. That means any app that works with Windows XP will work with Windows 7. It also means companies won't have to worry about application compatibility like they will with Snow Leopard.

Apple might have done a good job updating its operating system, but it's still a victim of snubbing enterprise developers. And even with Exchange support included, it seems Snow Leopard is still designed specifically for home users instead of the enterprise.

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Don Reisinger

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