Bottomline Enables BPM App for Java

Customers will be able to use the managed services software provider's purchase-to-pay applications within their own ERP systems.

Bottomline, a provider of financial Business Process Management software and managed services, announced on Monday that it will support JSR (Java Specification Request) 168 within its purchase-to-pay business applications.

This development allows Bottomlines applications to run on the J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) portal standard, enabling Web portals and portlets to interoperate.

Bottomline Technologies Inc.s software and services integrate purchase-to-pay with major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. With many of these ERP systems supporting Java enterprise portals, Bottomline customers now have the opportunity to deploy its purchase-to-pay functionality within the portals of their ERP systems.

"Despite changing market conditions and technological innovation, one of the perpetual hurdles associated with automating the purchase-to-pay process continues to be systems integration," said Henry Ijams, managing director at PayStream Advisors.

"We are especially excited about the adoption of JSR 168 by market leaders such as Bottomline Technologies. By providing advanced Java tools for Web portal integration, Bottomline has the ability to overcome these persistent barriers to back-office automation strategies," Ijams said.

Bottomlines JSR 168 support will also extend to its customers internal development teams, who often face complex application development cycles for home-grown applications and ERP customizations.

By leveraging the JSR 168-compliant portal framework from Bowstreet, a provider of portal-based tools and solutions, Bottomline will enable IT teams to offer a range of business solutions with lower maintenance costs and shorter deployment schedules allowing business users to realize efficiency gains.

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"Our adoption of JSR 168 enables customers to access Bottomlines purchase-to-pay functionality within the context of their existing ERP portal," said Clyde Logue, director of product management at Bottomline.

"Through JSR 168-compliant portal integration, Bottomline customers can effectively create a composite application that enables them to access our extensive purchase-to-pay capabilities through their existing portal interface," Logue said.

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