Bristol Unveils Windows, Unix Software

Bristol announces Wind/U 5.0, its Windows and Unix cross-platform software.

Bristol Technology Inc. on Thursday announced Wind/U 5.0, its Windows and Unix cross-platform software.

Wind/U 5.0 features tight integration with Tributary, a companion product from Bristol that enables developers to develop for both Windows and Unix platforms using Microsoft Visual Studio, officials of the Danbury, Conn., company said.

Bristol officials said Tributary extends the Visual Studio development environment, which has a large following, by leveraging existing tools knowledge and investment, to develop or modify applications for non-Windows platforms.

In essence, Wind/U enables software developers to use a single source code base for porting Windows applications to Unix. The new version includes updates to current versions of the Hewlett-Packard Co.s HP-UX, IBMs AIX, Sun Microsystems Inc.s Solaris and the Red Hat Linux operating systems and compilers, as well as the Motif 2.1 environment, the company said.