Can Novell's SLED 11 Power Enterprise Netbooks?

Novell shows its committment to supporting enterprise use of Linux with the latest edition of SUSE -- SLED 11, which sports out-of-the-box support for Windows networks, data files and application servers.

Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop has never been a run-of-the-mill Linux distribution; from the outset, Novell's interpretation of Suse Linux has been squarely aimed at business PCs in a networked environment.

With SLED 11, Novell shows its commitment to the enterprise by incorporating new features and strengthening networking features. What makes SLED 11 different from the multitude of Linux distributions out there is the operating system offers out-of-the-box support for Windows business networks, data files and application servers.

SLED 11 also incorporates several security features, including Novell's AppArmor and features found in SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux). AppArmor offers firewall-like protection and helps to prevent malware from infecting attached Windows networks.

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