Charlene Li Raps about TechCrunch50

Charlene Li, the former Forrester Research analyst who co-authored the hit Web 2.0 book Groundswell has struck out on her own as the founder of research firm The Altimeter Group. Li is one of more than 1,700 people attending TechCrunch50, hosted by TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington and serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis. TechCrunch50 is intended as something of a dragon slayer, looking to smoke out its rival startup debut show Demo Fall 08, which is running at the same time in San Diego this week. Li discusses her favorite company debut, Shryk, and what she thought of the angel investor panel. In the panel, celebrated investors Ron Conway, Yossi Vardi, Chris Sacca, David Kidder and Matt Coffin discussed their judgment scales for successful startups.