Citrix Unveils New, Simplier Enterprise Solutions

Citrix this week unveiled a plethora of new products, applications and services aimed at helping solution providers, their customers and even consumers achieve greater control over their virtualized environments.

During a Webinar and press briefing from the vendor's annual Synergy 2009 users conference in Las Vegas, vice president and chief marketing officer Wes Wasson detailed Citrix's new and upgraded lineup of software and services, which he says are targeted toward a do-it-yourself model much like that of broadcast media and consumer applications such as Apple's iTunes.

"We want to turn data centers into -delivery centers,' and are modeling this vision on broadcast media," Wasson told Webinar attendees.

"Broadcast media and consumer-focused companies like Apple offer a massively consistent service free of IT encumbrances-for the most part, they don't care about what kind of TV you have, what content you want to watch or listen to, it's 100 percent end-user driven," Wasson says. That's the experience Citrix hopes to make ubiquitous across the enterprise, he says, meaning that users can expect software, services and applications to be always-on with consistent quality of service and speed.

At the top of Wasson's list of new products is Dazzle, an online application store for enterprise developers, designed along the iTunes model; Citrix Receiver, a new mobile device application that enables solution providers and end users to administer enterprise applications from anywhere; and a major upgrade to Citrix's Essentials virtualization management package for XenServer hypervisor and Microsoft's Hyper-V.

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