Cloudant Delivers NoSQL Database Service for Windows Azure

Cloudant announced that its NoSQL database service is now available on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Cloudant announced that its NoSQL database service is now available on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft has opened up Windows Azure and is adding infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities to the platform as part of a Microsoft initiative to provide developers with access to a range of cloud technologies from various providers to best serve new, fast-growing Web and mobile applications running on Windows Azure.

Cloudant€™s strategic relationship with Microsoft continues Cloudant€™s own work to bring its database as a service product to public cloud providers and cloud application platforms. Cloudant€™s NoSQL database services are now available to Windows Azure customers. Cloudant will also be integrating its service into the Windows Azure Marketplace.

€œWindows Azure gives developers flexible ways to manage their data and make it quickly available to a new breed of data-driven Web and mobile applications,€ said Jean Paoli, president of Microsoft Open Technologies, in a statement. €œDevelopers using Windows Azure don€™t have to worry about growing their applications to massive scale because Windows Azure scales automatically. Cloudant€™s NoSQL database service on Windows Azure offers developers a great option for offloading data store operations so that they can focus on coding the next big app.€

The Cloudant Data Layer is a managed NoSQL database service for developers of fast-growing Web and mobile apps. With an Apache CouchDB-compatible, RESTful JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) API, built-in MapReduce, data replication and sync, and full-text search, Cloudant enables fast development and distributes data across the global network of Windows Azure data centers for fault-tolerant, low-latency access to users everywhere. Cloudant is operated and scaled by the big data experts at Cloudant, so that users can stay focused on new development, not database administration.

€œApplications deliver a much better user experience if their data is deployed closer to users, versus halfway across the world,€ said Derek Schoettle, CEO of Cloudant, in a statement. €œCloudant€™s ability to distribute data to Windows Azure data centers around the world means we can move dynamic database data as close as possible to the network edge€”even to individual mobile devices. As a result, applications on Windows Azure can grow faster and support new usage models such as disconnected computing with mobile replication and sync.€