Conficker Tests Limits of Reality and Hype

April 1 is reportedly D-Day for the latest variant of the global worm, but is the hype living up to reality. Dire predictions for the wave of destruction coming with Conficker.C's activation may be grossly exaggregated, but that doesn't mean solution providers shouldn't help their customers prepare for this and many other security threats.

In just three short days the world will learn how dangerous the latest variant of the Conficker worm is. Some reports say that more than 10 million PCs are already infected and the activation of the worm will cause massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The concern is so great that the alarms have been sounding for more than a week and the battlements manned in anticipation of an overwhelming assault by this digital menace.

Conficker concerns have created a wave of hype so great that the FUD threatens to overwhelm networks and administrators more so than the actual worm. Over the weekend, Symantec even warned that searching for information about Conficker could open users to compromise by the malware.

The truth about malware is much more sublime and boring than the hype of pending disaster and unthinkable destruction.

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