Copernic Enters Enterprise Search Space

Copernic Enterprise Search can support searching repositories of up to 2 million documents.

Copernic, a company best known for consumer Web search technology, is announcing Tuesday its entrance into the enterprise search space, with a new product targeting small to medium-size businesses.

The product, called Copernic Enterprise Search, can support searching repositories of up to 2 million documents. It will be offered free to companies with less than 5,000 documents to search.

Company officials in Quebec City say the product is targeted for internal search processes at companies, though it can be configured for customer search on Web sites.

The product was created for smaller document repositories and is easy to deploy, with no training or maintenance required, company officials said.

Copernic Enterprise Search is based on similar technology as Copernics Copernic Agent consumer Web search product, which the company claims has 30 million users.

The enterprise product searches documents such as Word documents, PDF files, Excel Worksheets, PowerPoint Presentations and e-mail messages.

The software boasts metadata search capabilities that allow users to search not only for keywords within files, but to search documents by modification date, author, title and other attributes.

Copernic Enterprise Search can rank a document based on how the search keywords correspond to the theme of the document. It automatically monitors and indexes file servers for new and updated documents to keep search results relevant.

Copernic Enterprise Search is free for up to 5,000 documents. Pricing starts at $3,999 for up to 10,000 documents and ranges up to $69,999 for up to 2 million documents.

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