Court Upholds $1.1B Microsoft Settlement

A California appeals court has upheld Microsoft's $1.1 billion class action settlement.

A California appeals court has upheld Microsofts $1.1 billion class action settlement, turning away a lingering claim over the terms of the historic payout. The 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that a claim brought by California resident Charles Jakob had no merit, reaffirming that the terms of Microsofts 2003 class action settlement were fair, adequate and reasonable.

Jakobs claim objected to a provision in the settlement that would allow the software maker to recoup a share of the money it was ordered to award to consumers in the state that subsequently went unclaimed.

The original case, which charged that the company had used its dominant position in the operating system market to overcharge for its Windows product line, covered more than 50 million software licenses sold to California consumers and businesses between 1995 and 2001.