CyberSource Develops C# Component

Company looks to make it easier tie its payment and fraud detection services into Microsoft's .Net Web Services.

Moving to simplify the integration of its electronic payment processing services into a Web services environment, CyberSource Corp. today announced a new native C# component.

The new component, which is specific to Web service environments built with Microsoft Corp.s .Net technologies, provides businesses with faster access to CyberSources payment and fraud detection services, in addition to tax calculation and export compliance.

Through built-in connections with third-party processors and merchant banks, CyberSources Payment software authorizes and settles electronic payments, including credit, debit and procurement card and electronic check transactions. Integrating the component provides enterprise-wide access to CyberSource transaction services, enabling businesses to utilize a single application for processing electronic payments originating from multiple sales channels, said CyberSource officials, in Mountain View, Calif.

The C# component is available now, as are additional components CyberSource built with Microsoft C, C++, ASP(Active Server Pages) and ASP.Net.