DataCore Gets to Center of SAN vs NAS Debate

DataCore Software claims to have bridged the gap between SAN and NAS technology with its latest SANHarmony software.

The company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary at CeBIT, has integrated NAS services into its virtualized platform, meaning that end users who already have a NAS installed and face a barrier due to cost or functionality, can now add SAN management to the system. "NAS and SAN can co-exist on the same infrastructure on our platform," said Christian Hagen, vice president of Europe at DataCore.

Hagen said the firm, which has previously only played in the SAN market, had seen real demand for a complementary SAN and NAS suite. "In the future these two markets will merge and we wanted to be able to support both environments," he said.

Working in a Windows environment, SANHamony will enable Microsoft NAS to utilize DataCore's performance and storage capabilities, Hagen added.

Although the company has traditionally played in the high end, more recently it has been aiming at the SMB sector, and also launched a starter SAN, running on VMware, Oracle, Sun and Citrix Xenserver. SANMelody comes bundled with auto-allocating, thin provisioning, snapshots and remote site disaster recovery support. Prices start at £2,400 per SAN server.