Desktop, Notebook Refresh Cycle Brewing

Businesses large and small have delayed their desktop and laptop PC refresh plans anywhere from six months to 18 months, a trend that has hurt companies such as Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo. But the delay can't last forever, and some resellers, vendors and distributors say that the great PC refresh is coming.

You may be reading all the stories about amazing new processors and high-performing, low-power PCs on the market today, but chances are you aren't reading this story on one of them. Unless you are at home.

Responding to a deep economic recession, companies across the board have delayed their PC refresh cycles, and today's corporate users are likely to be issued PCs that are four or five years old. And when that one breaks there are plenty more four- and five-year-old PCs to use since most companies have shrunk their workforces and have an ample supply of unused PCs ready to replace the ones that fail.

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"People have put off the refresh anywhere from six months to 18 months longer than they normally would have," says Joe Quaglia, senior vice president for U.S. marketing at technologydistributor Tech Data.
The PC refresh delay has left vendors, solution providers, distributors and pundits to debate when, if ever, the next PC refresh cycle will actually arrive, bringing with it upgrades of software and applications and installation services. And the best guess consensus seems to be ... drumroll please ... early to mid-2010.

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