Discoverys Final Flight, ISS and Beyond: NASAs Memorable 2010

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Discoverys Final Flight, ISS and Beyond: NASAs Memorable 2010

by Nathan Eddy

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Space Shuttle Discovery Grounded

During the 11-day STS-133 mission, Discovery will deliver the Permanent Multipurpose Module, on its 39th and final mission.

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New Directions

In February, NASA awarded $50 million in Space Act Agreements: The contracts are for the development of crew concepts and technology demonstrations for future commercial support of human spaceflight.

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Back to the Moon

New soil data about the moon uncovered by a NASA satellite determined the presence water in the form of mostly pure ice crystals.

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Sun Spotting

Photos from the Solar Dynamics Observatory showed extreme close-ups of activity on the sun's surface.

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Coming Close

The EPOXI mission spacecraft successfully flew past comet Hartley 2 in November, providing information about the comet's volume and material spewing from its surface.

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Obama in Orlando

President Obama sought to reassure the space agency it would not be neglected, promising to increase NASA's budget by $6 billion.

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Arsenic and Old Space

NASA-funded researchers conducting tests in Mono Lake in California discovered the first known microorganism on Earth able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic.

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Going Deep

NASA responded in August to a request from the Chilean government for technical advice to assist with the rescue of 33 trapped miners in a copper and gold mine.

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Staying Afloat

The second decade of a new era in human history—when not everyone lives on our home planet—began Nov. 2, 2010, as the ISS crossed the 1.5 billion-mile mark of its travels with six residents on board and six visitors en route.

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Tracking Oil on Water

Advanced remote-sensing instruments on NASA Earth-observing satellites and aircraft provided data on the Gulf oil spill's location, oil concentrations and impact on ecosystems in the Gulf.

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