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The Hart InterCivic eSlate electronic voting devicePhoto: Hart

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E-voting - SequoiaEdge AVC Edge

The Sequoia Voting Systems Sequoia AVC Edge voting machine.Photo: Sequoia

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E-voting - AVS WinVote

The Advanced Voting Solutions WINvote touch screen voting machine.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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E-voting - Poll Worker Training

Fairfax County, Virginia, Election Manager Judy Flaig, with the Fairfax County Office of Elections, trains poll managers in preparation for the election on November 7.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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E-voting - Paper Audit Trail

The paper record on electronic voting machines, such as the one shown here on an AVS WINvote, allow the election results to be audited.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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E-voting - Touch screen ballot

This ballot for Virginias 11th Congressional District is typical of how touch screen ballots appear on electronic voting machines. This particular machine is an AVS WINVote.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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E-voting - The Vote Button

Once youve completed your selections on this AVS WINVote machine, its obvious where you should press to record your vote when youre done.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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E-voting - Diebold AccuView, AccuVote

Diebold Election Systems AccuView TSx is the companys touch screen electronic voting machine. One of its significant features is the voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT, top left) that shows a voting summary to each voter so they can confirm

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