Editors Choice Contest: Win a $250 Gift Card

Dear Valued Reader,

As a member of the eWeek family and a key technology decision-maker, Id like to personally invite you to share your point of view with us on the most influential stories published during the past month on eWEEK.com. Weve created the eWeek Editors Choice program as a way for you to let us know which articles and topics were most influential to you and your constituents.

Let your voice be heard:

To participate, please visit the eWEEK Editors Choice page and select five articles from the list provided that had the most impact within the last month. The articles listed have been carefully selected by our editorial team as those that best captured the essence of last months IT news.

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Thank you for participating and I look forward to your feedback.

This is your opportunity to influence the editorial direction of eWEEK.com as we determine the topics, format and substance of future stories. If your selections match our picks, you will be entered into a raffle for a $250 gift card.

Mike Vizard
Vice-President, Editorial

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