Enterprises Recover

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Enterprises Recover

Members of the New York Board of Trade are still swapping commodities like coffee, orange juice and currency at a disaster recovery site in Queens. Next year, theyll be trading at the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan.

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Enterprises Recover - A Break in the Action

Traders at the New York Board of Trade await the next frenzied round of action at the Queens backup facility where they have been carrying on business since September 11 last year.

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Enterprises Recover - Flat Panel Displays in Trading Pits

NYBOT has installed a host of flat panel displays for its eight trading pits at the Queens facility it has inhabited for the last year.

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Enterprises Recover - Trader Tries New Handheld Device

Macquarie Americas Inc. trader Scot Fadynich is trying out a handheld device at NYBOTs Queens facility. In a normal day, he trades 500 to 1000 commodities contracts a day.

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Enterprises Recover - Compaq iPaq

Moving ahead: NYBOT traders are piloting handheld devices such as this Compaq iPaq, placing trades over a wireless network.

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Enterprises Recover - Currency Futures Traders Gather

Currency futures traders gather in their trading area at NYBOTs Queens facility.

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Enterprises Recover - End of the Day

All thats left is to clean up after the commodity trading action has ended at NYBOTs Queens site.

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