eWEEK Labs' Tests of Microsoft IE 8 Show Web Browser Is a Must-Upgrade

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eWEEK Labs' Tests of Microsoft IE 8 Show Web Browser Is a Must-Upgrade

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Color-Coded Tabs

One of the better new features in IE 8 is its ability to color-code tabs launched from a Website to help users visually manage the many tabs they may have open.

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Better Add-on Management

Much-improved management for add-ons, including plug-ins and the new Accelerators, is a feature of IE 8.

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Inline Find

IE 8 now uses an inline "find in page" feature and highlights the terms being searched throughout the Web page.

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Web Slices

The new Web Slices feature in IE 8 makes it possible to pull content from Websites that have built Web Slices and view it from the browser's Favorites bar.

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Tool Bar Integration

Websites can integrate with the tool bar and other areas of IE 8 by taking advantage of the new Web Slice feature and having visitors install the Web Slice on their browser.

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Suggested Site Buttons

When visiting any Website, users can click IE 8's Suggested Sites button to get a list of sites similar to the one they are viewing.

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Compatibility Mode

IE 8's compatibility mode lets users run the browser using the IE 7 engine mode for those sites that don't run well in IE 8.

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Accessing Accelerators

In IE 8, accelerators can be accessed by highlighting text in a Web page and clicking on the icon that IE displays.

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Translating Text

Accelerators in IE 8 provide nice inline functionality within the browser, such as the ability to quickly translate highlighted sections of text.

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During setup of IE 8, users can choose which accelerators they want to run within their browser.

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Suggested Search Terms

Like most newer browsers, IE 8 suggests search terms when a search is entered in the integrated browser search field.

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Multiple Options

When launching a new blank tab in IE 8, users are given multiple options for launching content from Accelerators or previously visited Websites.

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Content Suggestions

Typing in the address bar in IE 8 brings up suggestions for content pulled from sites visited in the browser history.

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Defining Search

After initial setup of IE 8, users can define which search providers will be used by the browser and can also define internal search engines for use.

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Delete Browsing History

When users of IE 8 use the Delete Browsing History feature of the browser, they can choose what data they want to delete or save.

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InPrivate Browsing

The new InPrivate Browsing feature in IE 8 lets users surf the Web without having any information about the browsing session saved.

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InPrivate Filtering

From the InPrivate Filtering settings, users can control how the private browsing feature in IE 8 works.

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Bold Domain Names

IE 8 bolds the core domain name of Websites in the address bar to help users detect fraudulent Websites with similar names.

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SmartScreen Filter

Users can choose to have the SmartScreen Filter on in order to detect potentially dangerous sites or can have the filter turned off by default.

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Checking Websites

When users run across potentially malicious Websites, they can choose to have the IE 8 SmartScreen Filter check the site on demand.

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Warning Users

With the SmartFilter in IE 8 enabled, the browser will warn users before they surf to known phishing or malware Websites.

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The Acid Test

While IE 8 has better standards support than IE 7, it still scores lower on the Acid3 standards test than any other newly released Web browser.

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Developer Tools

Improved developer tools for analyzing and viewing Website code are available within IE 8.

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Diagnosing Problems

When a Website fails to load, in Vista IE 8 displays a Diagnose Connection Problems button, which launches the Vista Windows Network Diagnostics tool.