eWeek Newsbreak, Dec. 08, 2008

T-mobile recently released the Android G1 smart phone, but only to subscribers of T-mobile. Now, they've released the Android Dev phone 1, and the best part is that's its SIM-unlocked and Hardware-unlocked. The new phone will retail for $399. Salesforce.com and Google return to the integration grist mill. Programmers will now be able to move data between the Salesforce.com, Force.com and Google App Engine cloud computing platforms. Facebook's 120 million users are being targeted by a virus dubbed Koobface that uses the social network's messaging system to infect PCs. Find out what this could mean to you and your Facebook account. A report released this week, explains how The Department of Homeland Security has failed to ensure the nation's cybersecurity - concluding that the threat of cyberattacks is too vast for any one agency to tackle. So the Center for Strategic and International Studies commission is recommending that President-elect Barack Obama create a new office in the White House: the National Office for Cyberspace. A paper published in Nature Photonics details Intel researchers' efforts to develop a silicon-based avalanche photodetector, or APD, a sensor that detects and amplifies light signals. Intel says this type of avalanche photodetector offers greater bandwidth and amplification abilities than conventional photodetectors.