eWeek Newsbreak, June 10, 2008

HP Labs wants to reinvent what it means to design, build and sustain a green data center. The research arm of Hewlett-Packard announced an agenda last week to develop new technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers by 75 percent, replace the copper wiring on microprocessors with light pulses and develop new software and services to measure energy use and carbon emissions. Intel is investing heavily in WiMax. The chip maker hopes to get the networked world to switch to the super high-speed wireless technology within a few years. Last month, Intel disclosed a $1 billion investment in Clearwire, a wireless broadband Internet service provider. IT pros and managers claim they see less and less value in professional certifications. Accreditations were once sought on a resume for managers looking to justify hires or promotions. A recent study by Foote Partners found that the average pay for 164 IT certifications posted their seventh straight quarterly decline. Did Facebook feel pressure from Google to go open source? Facebook's Facebook Open Platform will open most of the code that the platform. Developers add 140 new applications to the Facebook directory daily. Analysts think there are only two Web companies that really matter: Google and Amazon.com. In a report on the state of Online business, Jeffrey Lindsay of Sanford C. Bernstein declares the two companies best placed to withstand the current economic downturn.