eWeek Newsbreak, May 26, 2008

The latest data breach at a U.S. enterprise involved no malware, no cloaking software, not even a slip of the firewall. Several former employees simply handed over their old logins and passwords to the culprits. And the story is likely to be repeated at another businesses. Google's online filing cabinet for medical records opened to the public last week, giving users instant electronic access to their health histories and reigniting privacy concerns. Google Health combines Google??s classic search services with a user's personal health records online, making it available to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals anywhere. Companies try virtualization to save power and space, but typically find out that a well-tuned hypervisor can do much more than that. Before long it becomes a strategic asset. After a user consolidates servers and aggregates resources, the machines become more then the sum of their parts, VMware CTO Steve Herrod told eWEEK. It still matters where someone lives when he or she is looking for a job. Depending on the IT job you??re pursuing, you??re likely to find the odds better or worse depending on where you??re looking, according to new data released last week by Sapphire Technologies, an IT staffing firm.