eWeek Newsbreak, Sept. 15, 2008

It's true, Tivo subscribers will soon be able to wirelessly control their Tivo DVRs using a BlackBerry smart phone, anytime, anywhere. Ashley describes how soon you can expect the new software. Nvidia is facing a class-action lawsuit after the company lost more than $3 billion in market value this past July. The suit is claiming that Nvidia committed securities fraud by concealing information regarding the unusually high failure rates of its mobile video adapters. These chips are used by both Dell and HP. Ashley lets you in on which GPU and MCP products were affected and what symptoms to look for to know if your notebook PC contains these malfunctioning chips. Prices of text messaging have doubled in the last three years, and Congress wants an explanation. Four providers - AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile - serve nearly 90 percent of all wireless subscribers in the U.S. Apple is teaming up with Nike to create a high-tech running shoe. The patent was released last week, and we have all the juicy details. The Tribune is blaming a Google technology called "Googlebot" for recycling a link on its South Florida Sun Sentinel Web site that caused United Airlines' stock to plummet last week. In a press release, the Tribune is claiming it had identified problems with the technology months before the incident and asked Google to stop using it to crawl for stories on its Web site.