eWeek Newsbreak, Sept. 22, 2008

Details regarding the hacked yahoo account of Republican Vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin have emerged. Also, why Palin is now being investigated in Alaska for alleged abuse of power while governor of the state; Intel has come up with the ideal solution to reducing energy consumption in the data center. It wont cost you a penny and the savings are substantial. Learn what they did and how you could apply it to your data center; Microsoft may have quickly ended their campaign with Jerry Seinfeld?ö?ç?or did they? Video blogger Ed Cone tells us why this was their most successful advertising campaign in over a decade: And finally, everyone get your video cameras ready! MIT??s X Prize Lab has announced its ??What??s Your Crazy Green Idea?? contest. Contestants should present their idea via YouTube in a video no longer than two minutes that proposes a specific green solution that would benefit humanity. The prize: $25 thousand dollars. We have all the details on how to enter.