eWeek Newsbreak, Sept. 29, 2008

With the economy in financial turmoil, who wouldn't want to win ten million dollars! All you have to do is create and produce an affordable energy efficient LED bulb. The Department of Energy believes that if every light socket in the US that had a 60 watt bulb switched to an LED equivalent, the country would save 34 terawatt hours of electricity a year. That's enough electricity to power Las Vegas for two years; TiVo has teamed up with Nero to create software to turn your Windows PC into a TV video recorder. The best part is that you can now transfer you favorite shows from the television to your PC. It even enables users to transfer recorded TV shows to portable devices such as iPods and PlayStation Portables; Congress passed the Pro-IP bill. It stands for Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act, but many believe this bill is a waste of resources. If passed, the bill will allow federal prosecutors to file civil actions against P2P file sharing and crack down on piracy.