Ex-Motorola CFO Claims Whistleblower Status

Motorola calls its former executive Paul Liska a 'treacherous officer' who planned to extort money from the mobile equipment giant. Liska claims he was fired for trying to warn of ill-fated business plans.

Former Motorola chief financial officer Paul Liska claims was fired for advising company officials that the 2009 business plan for mobile devices was built on "unsubstantiated and misleading financial forecasts."

In a lawsuit filed against the telecom equipment and cellphone manufacturer, Liska says he was punished for warning other executives, including co-CEO Greg Brown, that the company had no viable business plan for 2009 and could not effectively forecast revenue and earnings. He described the warnings as "increasingly urgent."

The lawsuit was filed in Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Court in Chicago on Feb. 20, the day after Liska was fired by Motorola.

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