FCC Adds Broadband Blog, Gets Twittering

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Blair Levin, director of the agency's broadband plan, post the first comments on a blog that aims to add more transparency to the process of developing a national broadband plan due in February.

The Federal Communications Commission launched a blog Aug. 18 focusing on the development of the national broadband plan. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Congress ordered the FCC to develop a national plan by February 2010.

The first posts on Blogband were by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Blair Levin, the agency's point man on broadband.

"Blogband is part of the FCC's commitment to an open and participatory process. Blogband will keep people up-to-date about the work the FCC is doing and the progress we're making," Genachowski wrote. "But we want it to be a two-way conversation. The feedback, ideas and discussions generated on this blog will be critical in developing the best possible national broadband plan."

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In Levin's post, he added, "I'm confident we have assembled a great team who can cut to the chase and develop options and recommendations that are likely to produce what Congress wanted: universal, robust broadband for all Americans and a broadband platform that will enable innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits and all levels of governments to find new solutions to our nation's problems. And I'm confident that the FCC, Congress and others in government will exercise good judgment when they determine how to implement those recommendations."

The FCC also said it had begun a microblog on Twitter. "The FCC's tweets will include news about the FCC and progress reports on the national broadband plan," the agency said in a news release.