Flip UltraHD Is a Practical, Purposeful HD Video Solution

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Flip UltraHD Is a Practical, Purposeful HD Video Solution

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Rubberized Surface

The new Flip UltraHD has a rubberized surface that provides a better grip and is more smudge-resistant than other Flips.

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The Flip UltraHD is quite a bit thicker than the Flip MinoHD, but also has the ability to hook up to an HD TV through an HDMI connection.

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Press Here

The mainly button-free interface found on most other Flips has been replaced with physical buttons on the Flip UltraHD.

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USB on the Side

The integrated USB connection on the Flip UltraHD pops out of the side of the unit rather than the top, as is common in most other Flips.

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The FlipShare software bundled with the Flip UltraHD is the same as in other Flips, providing simple editing capabilities and features for direct uploads to Websites.

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Relatively Good Video Quality

The quality of the HD video from the Flip UltraHD, while not the best, was pretty good for such a small and inexpensive camcorder.

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