Forget Free Turkeys at Thanksgiving

Use these coupons, and you can buy a "steak" (ouch) in your favorite web integrator.

A new breed of coupon clippers is upon us. Gone are the Sunday newspaper clippers; behold automatic cost savings directly from a Safeway Club card.

Planet U ( is a still-surviving Internet startup in San Francisco, banking its future on the theory that shoppers will always look for the best prices for their food. Thats why Planet U entered into an agreement with Safeway to have manufacturer coupons automatically credited to a Safeway Club card.

The way it works now is the customer signs up for U-pons (the product side of Planet U at and then receives manufacturer coupons in the mail (thats right, snail mail!) for use at the supermarket.

This agreement will bring the customer, Safeway and the manufacturer together. The customer receives a U-pon, which will be automatically credited to the Safeway Club card the next time the card is used.

Our last check of the U-pons Web site showed that we could get $5.40 in savings. Wow, thats enough money to buy three shares in a typical Web integrator.