Free Click Fraud Monitor to Debut

Click Fraud Network lets advertisers see for themselves how many hits their ads get, for free.

A Texas company will soon offer a free click fraud fighter to root out fraudulent or mistaken reports about how well an online advertising campaign is doing.

The company says its technology is a first free "independent" alternative to the click fraud detection performed by Internet search providers.

The technology from Click Forensics, Inc., a San Antonio, Texas-based online fraud detection concern, will be unveiled next week.

Click fraud makes it appear a Web page has been visited more often than it actually has been. The practice is a major issue because of the significant amount of online advertising being done now.

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In a recent study, analyst firm Gartner said such shenanigans skew Internet traffic results by up to 50 percent.

Advertising-supported Web interests are at particular risk of click fraud. How much Google, Yahoo and others charge for an ad depends upon the audience size.

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The new click fraud effort lets advertisers share their results, which its backers say makes it a fraud meter more accurate than whats now available.

The company refers to a supposed amalgam of 40 or so advertisers, advertising agencies and search engines. But a company spokesperson didnt provide additional details.

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