Geek Cruises

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Geek Cruises

The captain and CEO of Geek Cruises, Neil Bauman, showing off the gorgeous Alaskan landscape.

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Geek Cruises - Geek cruisers learn while they lunch

Cruisers enjoy lunch and ice tea in a typical seminar setting on the ship.

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Geek Cruises - Geek cruisers cool off in Jamaica

The cruisers cool off in Jamaican waters. Notice how they use their arms to show how they are enjoying their time on Geek Cruises.

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Geek Cruises - Geek cruisers play L is for Linux

Cruisers enjoy the tropical setting and play the L is for Linux game with super-sized beverages.

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Geek Cruises - Linus Torvalds on a Geek Cruise

Linus Torvalds, one of the most famous tech celebrities, enjoys a Geek Cruise. Writing code or an autograph, Linus?

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Geek Cruises - Geek cruisers bond

Cruisers bond, using their physical prowess and trust to steer a smooth course.

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Geek Cruises - Geek Cruises class

Here is a typical setting with key technology speakers. Are they playing musical chairs?

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Geek Cruises - Geek cruisers on deck

Cruisers on the deck of the ship, trying to get organized for a group shot. Notice several cast members from the film Men in Black 12: The Geek Cruise.

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