Geekspeak: August 27, 2001

Tweaking tools put more power in power users' OS

Two new tools allow it managers to easily tweak windows settings. the programs arent for everyone (and woe to the IT manager whose general user population gets ahold of them), but they will be appreciated by the power users in your organization.

Customizer 2000 is a utility designed to optimize Windows 9x/2000/XP performance. The program lets you explore the many hidden settings in Windows and make changes to boot-up options and the location of the Windows directory. Customizer 2000, which also includes the handy Ram Optimizer, costs only $20.

Less expensive still is Tweak UI Version 1.33, a free app from Microsoft that allows users to fine-tune the Windows interface. Tweak UI is comparable to Customizer 2000, but it also contains features such as Menu Speed and File Clearing options.

For more information and to download Customizer 2000 and Tweak UI, visit, respectively, and