Going on a Job Interview? Read This First

Job seekers, take note: Prepare for an interview as you would a first date.

Job seekers, take note: Prepare for an interview as you would a first date.

First off, arrive on time. In a survey released this week by HRnext.com, 39 percent of human resource professionals said arriving late for a job interview is the most common mistake made by job seekers. HRnext.com, in Old Saybrook, Conn., surveyed 1,252 HR professionals on the most common ways prospective candidates sabotage job interviews.

If you bother to shower before you go out on the town, you should probably do the same before a job interview. Dressing poorly or failing to have proper grooming, also ranked high on the list of interview sins, with 34 percent of HR professionals commenting on their distaste for poor presentation. While the Internet economy heralded the casual work day, do dress up for the big meeting, hiring managers advise

"The real surprise here is the substantial percentage of HR people who take offense at a poor appearance," said John Brady, president of Hrnext. "It seems to run against the trend toward casual-dress workplaces."

Dressing like the CEO is good, but dont signal that you expect to be paid like one. Sixteen percent of those surveyed said they dislike candidates who are preoccupied with money. And, show up prepared for the interview. Thirteen percent of HR professionals surveyed said they would not hire someone who knows nothing about their business.