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6. A single company can strike a chord

Years ago, the Internet was a much different place. There were several companies doing something unique, but none of them were able to become the "household" name that Google has. Search has become synonymous with Google. And in the process, the company has shown that with the right service and the right experience, a Web-based firm can strike a chord with consumers. Perhaps Facebook is the only other major site that has been able to achieve similar success.

7. Good ideas get rewarded on the Web

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page came up with their idea for Google, it was clear that it was a good idea from the beginning. And their success has shown that good ideas are rewarded by Web users, while those that don't work so well will not be rewarded. That's a rule that Web entrepreneurs should consider as they plan their next service.

8. Microsoft was teetering

It was impossible to see 12 years ago, but Google has made it clear over the years that Microsoft was in a precarious position. The firm had been focusing too much of its time and effort on software to the detriment of its online business. And in the process, it allowed Google to grow and become the firm it is today. Going forward, Microsoft has challenges facing it. And it's likely that the company will be forced to take on Google every step of the way.

9. It's more Apple-like than Microsoft-like

As Google grew into the behemoth that it is today, some have said that the search giant is like Microsoft. They say that it uses its size to impose its will on the industry, while leaving smaller firms to try and compete. But over the past few years, Google has shown that it's far more Apple-like than Microsoft-like. Yes, it imposes its will, but Apple does too. And when it comes to product design, Google is far more elegant, like Apple, than Microsoft. Google could be a hybrid of both Microsoft and Apple, but it's far more Apple-like than Microsoft-like.

10. It plays for domination

Make no mistake that Google wants one thing in every market that it competes in: dominance. The search giant wanted to lead the search space by a wide margin. It wanted to become a key cloud player. And now, it's doing what it can to take over the mobile space. Google is about dominance and little else.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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