Google Buzz, Windows XP Rank on Halloween 'Zombie Tech' List

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Google Buzz, Windows XP Rank on Halloween 'Zombie Tech' List

Google Buzz, Windows XP Rank on Halloween 'Zombie Tech' Listby Nicholas Kolakowski

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Windows XP

Originally released in 2001, Windows XP continues to hold a substantial install base. Despite the numerous updates and Service Packs rendering it a rock-solid operating system, however, XP is also an aging one, which Microsoft hopes users will put out to pasture sooner rather than later.

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Zune HD

Upon its release in late 2009, Microsoft's Zune HD earned positive reviews for its hardware and software. Those reviews failed to attract a substantial audience. Microsoft hasn't officially canceled its Zune project, but it also neglected to offer an updated version this year.

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Google Buzz

Google's launch of a micro-blogging/messaging service attracted a good deal of, well, buzz in February 2010. But Google's attempt to out-Twitter Twitter failed to gain traction.

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Windows Mobile

Now that Windows Phone 7's on the marketplace, Microsoft's previous mobile operating-system franchise is officially outdated. There's just one little problem: Many businesses continue to rely on Windows Mobile and its apps, guaranteeing the platform will stick around past its freshness date.

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The Desktop

The desktop used to rule the hardware roost. Now it's all about ever-smaller laptops and mini-notebooks, paired with tablets and smartphones.

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White iPhone 4

While the regular iPhone 4 earned its own share of controversy over the summer (mostly related to the antenna), continuing delays for the white-case iPhone 4 have essentially made it a zombie product: not quite alive, but also not fully dead.

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Yahoo Search

Yahoo executives insist that their company remains a branding powerhouse. But one of its core features, Yahoo Search, is now powered by Microsoft's Bing-effectively eliminating Yahoo from the search game.

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Most E-Readers

Barnes & Noble's recent full-color Nook upgrade, paired with rapid tech advances by's Kindle and the rise of tablet PCs, will likely doom smaller e-reader manufacturers in years ahead.

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Tape Backup Solutions

A certain percentage of the enterprise still relies on tape to back up their data, as opposed to solid-state drives or other, more updated technology.

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Analog Phones

VOIP seems to be a trend increasingly embraced by many companies—but analog phones haven't disappeared from the market quite yet.

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