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Twitter scored 100 in Japan for regional interest, but only 56 in the United States. I found it interesting that "Twitter Facebook" was the top related search with a score of 100.
"Wordpress twitter plugin" scored a 51 in the United States in the rising search, underscoring the popularity of that tool, which lets users integrate their WordPress blogs with their Twitter accounts.
The Google AdWords guys did a search on the term "apple" and got a load of results about the company Apple, which they were able to filter into the Food and Drink category to find results on the fruit. Google offers more Insights tests here.
Search Engine Land's Barry Schwartz put Insights through some tests of his own, and you can see the results here.
The idea of Insights, of course, is to better help ad agencies divine what people are searching for on the Internet to build stronger Google AdWords campaigns and decide if they should target product A to region X, among other goals.
A goods manufacturer could cross-reference how well its products were selling in different cities and decide whether or not to shift its advertising focus.
Given the popularity of Trends, which I saw firsthand from the overflowing audience in a Trends session at the Search Engine Strategies show in New York earlier in 2008, I can only conclude that Insights' greater granular search analysis utilities will help advertisers more finely target their audiences.
Whether or not they successfully leverage Insights for greater sales is another story. In the meantime, such innovative search tools help widen the gulf between Google and lagging rivals Yahoo and Microsoft.