Google News Makeover Lets Users Personalize Content

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Google News Makeover Lets Users Personalize Content

by Clint Boulton

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Personal News

The "News for you" section lets users customize the content they consume in Google News.

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Social Promotions

Many social networks today let users rate content. Google News now allows users to promote or demote stories. Find this option under the Settings section in the top right corner of the Google News page.

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Top Stories

Google News also aggregates top stories of the day, an old feature with a new look.

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Recent Stories

The closest thing Google News has to "real-time" updates, the Recent section highlights content published minutes before.

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Local News, Weather

The local coverage section reports on news and weather near you.

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Topic Links

Click the new topic links to find more news about a subject.

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Share Stories

A tab lets users exchange similar stories with people via e-mail, Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.

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Languages, Regions

News can be filtered based on language and location.

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The Spotlight section lists stories Google News deems important.

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Shortcuts, Tutorial

Google offers keyboard shortcuts for using Google News, as well as this video tutorial.

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