Google News, YouTube Invite News Groups to Share Video Content

Search engine Google and its YouTube video-sharing Website look for more ad revenue dollars by inviting news organizations to partner with them. In the YouTube Partner Program, professional news sites will be able to upload their video content to YouTube and see it distributed in Google News. News sites get better exposure from Google's Web services, while Google and YouTube drive more eyeballs to their ads.

Web video consumption is a red-hot market, but only a handful of venues provide the hosting platform for content producers to share their content.

Google June 28 paved the way for professional news organizations to share their video content online so that they can build a bigger audience for their video content.

Google News and Google's YouTube video sharing Website are inviting news publications that are already sourced in Google News to join the YouTube partner program.

Outlets that join YouTube will benefit from featured placement on the YouTube news page, which showcases news videos from partners related to the top news stories on Google News. News sites that allow their videos to be embedded by others may appear on Google News, opening themselves up to greater exposure among the 25,000 news sources there.

Increased exposure to Google's audience of millions of Web service users isn't the only upside to the deal. News outlets will also have the option to participate in YouTube's advertising revenue sharing program, grabbing a cut of sales generated from clicks on ads displayed with their video content.

YouTube partners may also choose to leverage YouTube's Insight tool, which lets content owners learn more about users viewing their videos. Olivia Ma, YouTube News manager, noted in a blog post:

"Use YouTube's Insight tool to easily discover troves of useful demographic information and understand what parts of your videos people liked or didn't like. Geographic information provided can help you focus your marketing efforts."

Ma, who also introduced the YouTube Reporter's Center to provide reporters tips from professional journalists, also said news outlets can build up communities around their content by encouraging people to interact through comments and video responses.

News sites that want to participate must apply to the YouTube Partner Program and include their Website name and an e-mail address with the same domain as your Website.

Once included, news publications may participate in revenue sharing and customize their branded channel. The Google News team will do a separate review and follow-up about including your videos in Google News.

The joint offering between Google News and YouTube comes as Google continues to try to expand not only YouTube's reach, but it's opportunities for generating ad sales, which have yet to make YouTube profitable.

Video content site Hulu, meanwhile, remains a popular draw for professional content lovers, and many experts believe it is making more money than YouTube from ads.