Google Project 10<sup>100</sup> and 16 Big Ideas to Change the World

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Google Project 10<sup>100</sup> and 16 Big Ideas to Change the World

by Clint Boulton

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Public Transport

Designed to help reduce our carbon footprint, this idea includes the proposal to build a rail car system that adapts fuel cars to also run on electric railway networks. Is this the way of the future or science fiction?

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Socially Conscious Taxation

Offers to replace income taxes with smart consumption taxes; tax discounts for citizens who participate in socially beneficial works; and gives citizens more visibility and control into the allocation of their tax dollars.

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Boost Education in Science and Engineering

As observers of high-tech, eWEEK is especially fond of initiatives that enhance young peoples engineering and science education.

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Health Monitoring

This idea calls for technologies that predict and minimize medical problems and emergencies by tracking individuals health data and analysis of historical data in real-time. For example, we might use a bracelet device to measure blood pressure, temperature, etc., to detect health changes and track trends.

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Crisis Tracking

This effort makes crisis-mapping data available to help policymakers better coordinate response efforts during hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

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Government Transparency

A Website geared to host proposals ranging from publishing details of proposed laws and politicians' voting records to making public budgets searchable online.

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Education in Africa

This plan calls for quality education and facilities to children who lack access and giving leadership training to outstanding young people who will comprise tomorrow's African leaders. Also, calls for an online networking space for knowledge sharing and collaboration among teachers in Africa.

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Celebrate Scientists

This project is designed to encourage more young people to pursue careers in this field by supporting groups that work toward encouraging positive images of engineering and science in pop culture. One solution is to create a tech channel that broadcasts coverage of conferences and news about the Web and Internet technology.

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Better Banking for All

Specific suggestions in this plan include village-based banking kiosks for developing countries; an SMS solution geared toward mobile networks; and ideas for implementing banking services into school curriculums.

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Organizing Urban Data

Users interested in this area suggested a Website where residents can text or upload photos that highlight city issues. Other ideas include building a comprehensive database of city projects and using mobile phones to collect information about traffic patterns.

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Landmine Removal

You read that right. There are an estimated 110 million landmines still active in 70 countries, killing 5,000 men, women and children each year. New landmine-removal programs offer a wide range of societal benefits beyond the obvious development of mine-free areas, including the repatriation of refugees and better distribution of emergency aid.

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Social Entrepreneurs

Establishing schools that teach entrepreneurial skills in rural areas; supporting entrepreneurs in underdeveloped communities; and creating an entity to provide capital and training to help entrepreneurs build viable businesses and catalyze sustained community change.

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Worldwide Reporting

Build an issue-reporting Website that lets people report problems to proper authorities.

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Genocide Alert

Reduce crimes against humanity by aggregating data on the history and geography of specific conflicts, local cultures, geostrategic interests and recent developments that can help policymakers identify emerging crises.

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Online Education

Lots of educational content is not indexed or accessible on the public Web. This calls to create and online educational platform that provides free training and education as part of a worldwide, officially accepted degree. Also would provide free online lectures and textbooks for every subject and grade level.

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Real-time News Service

Users proposed real-time news dissemination about fires, natural disasters and road accidents; mobile devices that track people's health status and personal incidents.