Google TV Logitech Revue Costs $299 with Controller

Logitech demonstrated Google TV on its Revue companion box and keyboard controller. Both devices are ready for preorder now from, and for $299.

NEW YORK-Logitech officials Oct. 6 showed off Google TV on its Revue companion box and keyboard controller, which the peripherals maker began letting consumers preorder from, and for $299.

Announced in May at Google I/O, Google TV is the search engine's entry into a largely stagnant market that has attempted to wed the channel surfing and Web surfing experience.

Microsoft and Apple have tried and failed in the last decade to make the services stick with consumers. Google believes its service is seamless, as it blends Web services with TV content without disrupting the user experience.

Google TV is based on Android 2.1 and serves Web applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Twitter through Google Chrome 5, the company's Web browser. See images of the service here.

Google TV is available in two primary ways. First, the service is available in Logitech's Revue, a plug-and-play companion box, that should arrive by Oct. 31 for those who order it now. Second, Google TV will also be available in Sony Internet TVs, which the set maker will unveil Oct. 12 in New York.

Both methods require a broadband connection. Users must connect the Revue box to their HDTV with the included high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable and then connect another HDMI cable between the Logitech Revue and their cable or satellite provider box with HDMI out .

Users will plug in the system and follow the directions on the TV screen to set up Google TV.

The Google TV menu should display preloaded Google TV and Logitech applications forged from partnerships Google announced Oct. 4 with Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal, HBO, Amazon, Netflix and Twitter, among others.

Logitech's Harmony Link technology will ensure that the Logitech Keyboard Controller, which resembles a computer keyboard in many ways, and the Revue box will seamlessly enable channel surfing and Web navigation on the connected TV.