Google Wins Again

Google leads the way in search yet again, but gains ground.

Google once again was the giant among search sites, as it took a 58. 5 percent share of the search market in October in the United States.

According to Internet ranking site ComScore, Google gained 1.5 share points versus the previous month. Yahoo sites ranked second with 22.9 percent, followed by Microsoft sites (9.7 percent), Ask Network (4.7 percent) and Time Warner Network (4.2 percent).

October saw a 12 percent increase versus September in Americans searching online, bringing the total number of searches to 10.5 billion with the core search engines.


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In the top 50 properties worldwide where search activity is observed, ComScore found that Google sites led the pack with approximately 7.5 billion searches. Yahoo sites ranked second with nearly 2.6 billion searches, followed by Microsoft sites (1 billion), Time Warner Network (905 million) and Ask Network (493 million). saw particularly strong growth, gaining nearly 23 percent in search query volume versus September, while entered the ranking at No. 9 with 152 million searches.


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