Google Zeitgeist Paced by Chatroulette, iPad, Justin Bieber

Google's 2010 Zeitgeist shows Apple's iPad and iPhone 4 were top searches, joining pop music sensations Justin Bieber and Katy Perry among fastest rising queries for the year.

Google leveraged HTML5 technology to render its 2010 Zeitgeist findings, a compilation of its most popular and fast rising queries logged into the search engine.

The Zeitgeist capture the key trends, employing Google's Insights for Search and Google Trends data analytics tools.

Google, which commanded 65 percent share of search queries in the United States for 2010., saw users all over the world rack up billions of searches at

Google's top two fastest rising queries worldwide were both tech-related: Chatroulette, the random chat Website phenomenon, followed by iPad, that tablet computer Apple launched in April to shake up the computing world. The iPad hit the top 10 fastest rising list in 13 countries.

As one might expect, pop culture icons dominated fast rising queries, with pop music stars Justin Bieber, Niki Minaj coming in at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively.

Online game Website swooped in at No. 5, followed by ringtone site Myxer. Pop star Katy Perry took No. 7, while social sites Twitter, Gamezr and Facebook rounded out the final three fastest rising queries on Google.

Popular U.S. queries were similar, though the iPad and Chatroulette switched places in the top two spots.

Apple's iPhone 4 booted Bieber for No. 3, followed by the World Cup at No. 4 and Bieber at No. 5. Myxer, Facebook, Grooveshark, Glee and Mocospace rounded out the top 10 in the United States.

Google looked at popular queries in several niche categories, including sports, entertainment and consumer electronics. The latter category produced interesting results.

Popular gadgets included, of course, the iPad and iPhone 4. These Apple hits were followed by smartphones including the Nokia 5530, HTC Evo 4G, and Nokia n900, and BlackBerry apps.

The Evo 4G was the only major Android phone in the top 10 of global consumer electronics searches. Perhaps Android, which Google said is seeing 300,000 activations each day, is not as big in the grand world scheme.

Google News sported its own set of popular searches in the United States, with the Gulf Oil spill and earthquakes in China and Haiti proving to be heavily searched as people sought info about the disasters.

Unemployment ranked No. 9 as the country continued to pull itself from the quagmire of the recession.

Check out the Zeitgeist video here for more details.